Sunday, July 31, 2005

Visitors/students Throughout the year we get a number of visitors wanting to learn about how the Coop works. Each year we get students from Clark University studying urban planning. July was particularly busy, and Joe Holtz met with a number of groups.
A coop member who teaches adults about nutrition brought his class.
A reporter from Montana public radio came to the Coop because Joe has been working with a group in Missoula who are trying to form a coop based on our model. Joe has consulted with them a number of times, and last year one of the group came to visit. Joe is pleased they are going slowly, working on their financial projections, securing a space, doing lots of planning. They anticipate opening in a year.
Six students and a teacher from Groundworks, a program in East New York, came for advice on handling perishable food. They plan to open a market two days a week selling perishables. Groundworks introduces kids to various businesses.
We also have three students working for seven weeks at the Coop this summer. Daniel, Kevin and John are being paid by NYC Summer Youth Employment Program. They have been very reliable and eager to learn.


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