Thursday, December 19, 2013 the numbers

For the 2 week period ending Sunday 12/1 (the Sunday after Thanksgiving) we sold:

14,000 lbs minimally treated Apples, not including...
5,100 lbs of Honeycrisp
1,948 5lb boxes of Clementines
709 5lb boxes of organic Satsuma Mandarins
13,440 organic Lemons
12,500 Avocados
18,500 lbs of organic Bananas (this 2 week period is always this slow for Bananas-we usually sell over 20,000!)
1,242 packages of organic Cranberries
1,760 packages of conventional Cranberries
6,250 lbs organic Red Seedless Grapes
3,200 lborganic Baby Salad Greens (all kinds)
2,600 lbs organic Green Beans
4,300 lbs all Brussels Sprouts (and we couldn't get as many as we wanted of any of them)
8,500 lbs of all Carrots
6,500 bunches of all organic Kale 
3,500 lbs all Mushrooms
11,500 lbs all Onions
2,800 bunches all Parsley despite numerous out of stocks due to scarcity
13,700 lbs all organic Potatoes
1,100 lbs organic Pumpkins
5,785 lbs all organic Winter Squash, not including...
2,730 lbs organic Butternut
12,284 lbs all Sweet Potatoes
1,850 lb local organic Heirloom Tomatoes (yes, local-thank you, Hepworth Farms!)