Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Ciao Bella in the Freezer

Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip

Hey co-owners,

Many of you have been asking for a couple of new flavors of Ciao Bella Gelato. Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip and Malted Milk Ball were the two most popular requests. I had to sadly turn away these requests as they were not offered buy our main Ciao Bella supplier, United Natural. Along came Joey, our totally great Ben and Jerry's supplier who said "I'll see what I can do for ya." He got us the Mint, he couldn't get the Malted Milk Ball. The price is higher than the other flavors because Joey is a smaller distributor.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Brooklyn Black Ops at the Coop!

It feels strange to announce something so covert and shrouded in mystery but, there you have it. I was afraid that all of the mystery and scarcity of this beer was feeding into it's global hype, creating a beer of mythical and unreal proportions. I was bracing myself to be not entirely impressed.

Having now tasted the Black Ops, I have to say that I'm a fan. It's wonderfully complex and balanced. Having been aged in bourbon barrels it certainly has a bourbony flavor from start to finish but, it also has moments of vanilla, wood, chocolate, coffee, maybe a hint of licorice in there, and a steady alcohol warmth. I guess those are all the things you would expect of an imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels but, it all works to a really nice effect and has a very satisfying chocolate malt finishing flavor. This beer is black with a ruby hue and has been fermented in the bottle with champagne yeast, whatever they did, it worked.

There are only a couple cases to be had so get it now and enjoy it later.

Cheers, Anngel

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sherry Vinegar

Well, thanks to Mark Bittman's New York Times Article we're carrying a full line of great sherry vinegars. The 750ml bottle is in aisle 3 for $5.24 and we'll find a home for the smaller more expensive ones at the rear end-cap (you know where I mean).

Frozen Bread, Coconut Ice Cream, and TOFURKEYSALE!!!

Rudi's Bread

Hey co-owners, we got new bread in the freezer. I started out with the Colorado Wheat, the Honey Whole Wheat, and the Oat Multigrain. More will follow if these do well.

By the way, you may have noticed Rudi's bread being sold defrosted in other stores. Rudi's bread is a frozen product. All stores receive it frozen but we're giving you the freedom to defrost it when you want.

Update on Coconut Bliss

A while back one of our tech guys, Martin, told me to look for a coconut based ice cream called "Coconut Bliss." We searched for it on line and the closest it came to New York was Colorado as it is a Oregon based company. That wasn't close enough for us. Since then, many people
have asked for and/or suggested this product. I have sadly had to turn them away until now! One of our distributors is picking them up soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Cheap Tofurkey!!!

Hey lovers of Tofurkey, we have a bunch of Tofurkeys left over from the holiday times that we need to get rid of so we're chopping the price from 9 bucks to 4 bucks. $4!!! Come get em. Give them to you friends. Serve em up for your Superbowl party. Serve em up for Passover. Have you ever realized how much more romantic your Valentines day would be with a Tofurkey? Decorate your snowmen with em. Fill up your freezer with em so when the economy totally crashes, you and your vegetarian friends can dine like vegetarian royalty!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


So this nice lady representing Van Leeuwen's Ice Cream brought over some samples the other day. She said she was from Green Point and that the ice cream was full of fat. Some co-workers and I tried the stuff and were pretty blown away. She gave us vanilla, chocolate and pistachio and while the first two were great, it was the third that was outstanding. I'm usually not a fan of pistachio ice cream due to the soggy nuts and the ninja turtle green ooze they're swimming in. Van Leeuwen's offering was quite special though and I may have kinda dreamt about it for a week or so. Van Leeuwen. Get into it.

We also got some new vegan ice creams from Purely Decadent. People have been freaking out for these and asking for more. We got more. Mocha almond fudge, chocolate and peanut butter, and mango passion fruit.

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