Thursday, July 26, 2007

Currants and More! — PSFC Produce Info for 7/26/07

We have today for the first time, local, organic fresh currants. Fresh
currants, in the gooseberry family, are berries that look similar to grapes
but are very tart. They are commonly used for making jam.

Local organic purple potatoes have begun. Today we received Purple Majesty,
from the Farm at Miller's Crossing, in Hudson, NY.

We have a limited supply of local sugar snaps from Migliorelli Farm in
Tivoli, NY. Enjoy them now before the season (soon) ends.

Today's organic Rainier cherries, from Washington, are fabulous, even this
late in the cherry season. They may be the last organic cherry of the year,
although we may have limited access to more of these next week.

We are only buying the best local organic corn that we can get, and have not
been able to get enough. Some coming in on Friday and a good deal more (but
still not enough) arriving on Saturday

Creme Cremaillere Ice Cream

Three flavors of locally-made Creme Cremaillere ice cream are now available in the ice cream case:

Chocolate, Coffee with Cream, and Vanilla.

These french-style ice creams are very custardy, and they come from nearby Bedford, New York.

Summer Beer Updates

Having a BBQ in the Brooklyn heat?

Check out the 5 Liter Mini-Kegs we now have in the beer section:

Einbecker Pilsner
Kostritzer Schwarz


And the highly recommended beer selection of July, as chosen by the PSFC's Beer Buyer:

Dogfish Head Festival Peche

It's peachy!!

Some Yogurt Case Updates

New in the Yogurt Case:

Kortright Creek Yogurt — goat milk yogurt from the Catskills. The milk comes from Stone & Thistle Farm, and the yogurt is processed at Evans Creamery. The Coop currently carries the cup size of this delicious yogurt in maple, plain and raspberry flavors.


In other yogurt news, Wholesoy has discontinued their Drinkables, so we will no longer be able to carry these.

Also, we are still unable to get quarts of Stonyfield's Banilla yogurt. However, we have begun receiving Stonyfield Lowfat Strawberry quarts after a long period of not being able to get them.

Look for New Organic Dried Fruits Hanging in Aisle 2A

Greetings Park Slope Food Coop Shoppers:

We've recently begun carrying a few new dried organic fruits that come prepackaged from International Harvest. Look for them hanging up in Aisle 2 above the bagged dried fruits and nuts:

Go Melon! — A mixture of dried cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon

Go Watermelon! — Dried organic watermelon

Go Strawberries! — Dried organic strawberries

These new items are hanging alongside a variety of other dried fruits and nuts that you may not have noticed given the height from which these items hang. Take a look up and down Aisle 2A for an assortment of dried fruits and nuts.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PSFC Produce Update for July 25, 2007

Monday 7/23

Champagne grapes have begun. They are the tiny, delicate, very sweet grape whose season lasts only a few weeks.

Fine quality organic artichokes have returned. They are very expensive but they are the first really good ones that we have seen in weeks.

We have very limited access to local organic radicchio. This week we are trying California product. So far we are eating it almost as fast as we can buy it.

Organic local loose spinach has returned. Not the baby-type individual leaves, this is the mature stem and leaf cluster at a substantially lower price.

Local loose organic broccoli crowns have begun, and despite the hot growing conditions, look beautiful. They come from Pedersen Farm in the Finger Lakes, and Hepworth Farm in the Hudson Valley.

The first new crop sweet potato has arrived. The Japanese is the first, and the jewel will start on Wednesday. The red garnet will not be reordered until the new crop has become available (date unknown).

Tuesday 7/24

Monstera deliciosa, each wrapped with a description and how-to-eat-it guide, will be here for about a month. It's a strange thing, with a sort of pineapple banana flavor. You could instead buy a pineapple and a banana, and eat them together, but you would miss the opportunity to amaze your friends and family and regrettably, support your local fruit fly.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

PSFC Produce Update for July 19, 2007

There are many changes on the local front:

Organic and conventional green peppers are now local

Minimally Treated fruits from Hepworth Farm:
Cherries have ended
Peaches and Methley plums are new
Apricots start 7/24

New organic local items:
Suyo, tasty jade, striped Armenian, regular, kirby and lemon cucumbers
Green and yellow beans
Nappa, green, red and savoy cabbages
Stunning (but limited) green and burgundy okra
Red and yellow spring (yeah, summer) onions
Cherry, grape, red and yellow plum, heirloom, red and yellow tomatoes
Long hot peppers
Various eggplants

Corn—All of the organic corn arriving on Friday 7/20 is locally grown, and we may be able to source all of it locally soon.

Peaches—We haven't been pleased with the quality of the conventional peaches in the last 2 weeks. We may try again soon, but in the meantime can offer an excellent Eastern peach with the minimally treated one from Hepworth Farm.

Garlic Scape supplies will end next week.

New local items coming next week:
Blueberries from Grindstone Farm (the ones that say "Grown for the Park Slope Food Coop" on the label)