Monday, November 26, 2007

Local Items of the Week

Tilsit from Harpersfield, NY
Ron and Corrine Brovetto have done it again with two new Tilsit style cheeses from their small dairy farm in upstate NY near the Catskill Mountians. I visited them last weekend and saw the "cave" that they age the cheeses in and tried some new raw-milk varieties they were working on. This week we got in Rosemary Tilsit and Cranberry Tilsit. Both are brilliant and compliment full, rich holiday flavors.

American Vintage Wine Biscuits
Delicious little biscuits perfect for cheese or eating all by themselves. Made right here in NYC - Long Island City to be exact - Right now we have Red Wine and Black Pepper and we'll try out some new flavors as the holidays progress.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Amy's Kids Meals

New in the freezer case is Amy's Ziti meal for kids. It is gluten and dairy free, contains some broccoli and a small dessert. -Click here for more info on this product-

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Holiday Items just in . . .

Available now in the butter case for all your holiday and baking needs: Buerremont 83% pastry butter at the low, low price of $2.94/LB. Made in the cultured French style in New England. Get it while we have it. The sample table in the membership office thought it was great.

Cacao Noel Chocolate Semi-Sweet Bar A rich 52% cocoa liquor chocolate bar for baking, confections and eating! – 7oz for $1.46

Cacao Noel Chocolate Noelettes Delicately rolled dark and white chocolate batons. Great for decorating desserts, ice cream and beverages. 2oz packs for $1.74

Valrhona Chocolates – A wide assortment of bars, cocoa and gift boxes for the holidays. Priced to move!


Friday, November 09, 2007

Thanksgiving Turkeys at the Coop

FRESH turkeys available beginning
Tuesday, November 13th

Plainville Farms Pasture-raised (New York)
16 to 24 lbs., $2.35 lb. (November 15)

Eberly Certified Organic (Pennsylvania):
8 to 24 lbs., $3.67 lb. (November 16)

FROZEN Wise Kosher Certified Organic (Pennsylvania):
12-24 lbs., $3.45 lb. (November 13)

Stonewood Farm Pasture-raised (Vermont):
16 to 20 lbs., $2.35 lb. (November 19)

Murray’s (Pennsylvania):
12 to 24 lbs., $2.42 lb. (November 13)

Bell & Evans (New Jersey):
8 to 26 lbs., $2.14 lb. (November 13)

Jaindl Farms (Pennsylvania):
10 to 16 lbs., $2.25 lb. (November 13)

All the above are delivered FRESH, except for Wise Kosher. All are locally raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free.