Monday, March 29, 2010

New Peruvian Yum Yums

New on the rear endcap are Dona Isabel items from Peru.

Aji Amarillo or Yellow Peppers,are yellow in color but change to orange as they mature. Aji Amarillo have a slightly fruity flavor and are traditionally used in salsas and ceviche. We have them whole and in paste.

One of the most common chile peppers in Peru, Aji Panca paste provides a fruity like flavor that goes well in stews, sauces and fish dishes.

Anticuchos BBQ are popular and inexpensive dishes that originated in Peru, and popular also in other Andean states consisting of small pieces of grilled skewered meat. Try this sauce for your next BBQ!

There's also some Mango Amarillo sauce that's sweet and tangy - might be great on chicken. . . or anything!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pomegranate Molasses

Read all about it in the Times, buy it at the Coop.

We have two brands to choose from: Mymoune in aisle 6A with the Syrups and the Tripoli brand on the endcap in aisle 7

Here's what Zingerman's has to say about it.

We've tried it in salad dressings and loved it. I bet it would make a great marinade for lamb too. Tell us what you would do with it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"You can eat all the mushrooms you want...."

And these MORE than ONCE!

We are now carrying:

Alba Clamshell - small, white & crunchy
*great with seafood dishes

Trumpet Royale - brown cap, large & porcini like
*great with meats

Velvet Pioppini - Intense flavor, small, dark caps
*great with grilled meats and game

Every package has a recipes inside to guide you.
Or, you could try one of the sample packs to find which mushroom will RULE THEM ALL!

Blood orange on a red plate . . .

. . .With 59 year-old-hand.
Blood oranges available now at the Food Coop no matter how old your hand is.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Jasper Hill Farm and Cellars - Vermont

We've carried cheeses from Jasper Hill Farm and the Cellars for quite a while, but we have so many things right now that I think its worth blogging about.

Right now we have the three cheeses made by Jasper hill:
Constant Bliss, loosely based on a Chaource recipe, a slow ripened lactic cheese.
Bayley Hazen blue, a natural rinded blue cheese. And

Winnimere, washed in Lambic beer, this lush cheese smells "rowdy" but has a smooth sweet milky flavor accented by a woodsy aromatic depth.

AND, we also have Weybridge: a delightful, delicate little organic cheese with a fluffy whipped texture and big farm fresh flavor made by the Scholten family farm. Did I say Organic already?

But wait, there's more . . .

Also on the shelf is the amazing Cabot Clothbound cheddar - aged at Jasper Hill of course - a handsome natural rinded traditional cheddar. Bandaged with muslin and skillfully aged a minimum of 10 months.

And, last but not least, we have Hartwell by Ploughgate creamery. A soft-ripened little guy that is creamy and delicious.

This just in!!! Also available is Moses Sleeper. The compatriot to Constant Bliss (Story about the two Revolutionary war heroes here ) This creamy, delicious triple cream delight is Not to be missed.

So, instead of driving to Vermont, just take a trip to the cheese case and pick up one or more of these great cheeses.