Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PSFC Produce Update for July 25, 2007

Monday 7/23

Champagne grapes have begun. They are the tiny, delicate, very sweet grape whose season lasts only a few weeks.

Fine quality organic artichokes have returned. They are very expensive but they are the first really good ones that we have seen in weeks.

We have very limited access to local organic radicchio. This week we are trying California product. So far we are eating it almost as fast as we can buy it.

Organic local loose spinach has returned. Not the baby-type individual leaves, this is the mature stem and leaf cluster at a substantially lower price.

Local loose organic broccoli crowns have begun, and despite the hot growing conditions, look beautiful. They come from Pedersen Farm in the Finger Lakes, and Hepworth Farm in the Hudson Valley.

The first new crop sweet potato has arrived. The Japanese is the first, and the jewel will start on Wednesday. The red garnet will not be reordered until the new crop has become available (date unknown).

Tuesday 7/24

Monstera deliciosa, each wrapped with a description and how-to-eat-it guide, will be here for about a month. It's a strange thing, with a sort of pineapple banana flavor. You could instead buy a pineapple and a banana, and eat them together, but you would miss the opportunity to amaze your friends and family and regrettably, support your local fruit fly.

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