Thursday, July 26, 2007

Currants and More! — PSFC Produce Info for 7/26/07

We have today for the first time, local, organic fresh currants. Fresh
currants, in the gooseberry family, are berries that look similar to grapes
but are very tart. They are commonly used for making jam.

Local organic purple potatoes have begun. Today we received Purple Majesty,
from the Farm at Miller's Crossing, in Hudson, NY.

We have a limited supply of local sugar snaps from Migliorelli Farm in
Tivoli, NY. Enjoy them now before the season (soon) ends.

Today's organic Rainier cherries, from Washington, are fabulous, even this
late in the cherry season. They may be the last organic cherry of the year,
although we may have limited access to more of these next week.

We are only buying the best local organic corn that we can get, and have not
been able to get enough. Some coming in on Friday and a good deal more (but
still not enough) arriving on Saturday

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