Friday, July 01, 2005

No longer available items--Miso mayo tops the list--maybe, maybe another supplier will be carrying it. Less certain are rice vinegars, haven't been able to get either Eden or Spectrum. Spectrum's shortening & Spectrum spread haven't been available from manufacturer. I suspect that this has something to do with the trans fat, hydrogenated oils issue--lots of companies are redoing their products. More on than later..

On the plus side, Spectrum coconut oil, organic, semi-refined for cooking is back.

Coop t-shirts--there was a snafu with the order--the t-shirts didn't get printed (and the person I spoke to left the company), so we're selling blank organic Patagonia t-shirts, very good price, get them while they last. Will be working on coop t-shirts.


Anngel said...

Test comment

Anonymous said...

The blank organic t-shirts were great!! I bought three of them, and would probably have gotten more, except my 2nd purchase (2 of them) were the last 2 in my size...

It's rather difficult to find blank t-shirts. I'm not big on labels on shirts, even if the label is PSFC, so I was tickled pink (or red and white, as those were the colours I got) to grab those shirts.

How, how about organic underwear to go with the socks and shirts?