Sunday, July 31, 2005

Kashi has discontinued Kashi Medley (very popular at the Coop) and changed the packaging on their other cereals. A quick check confirmed that the ingredients are the same for one product--Kashi Seven in the Morning, now Kashi Seven Grain ( a Grapenuts knockoff). We don't have any old packaging for the other flavors, but I would guess Kellogg's is just changing the box and the name. In case anyone is confused, Kashi cereals are not made solely from buckwheat (kasha)--but from 7 grains, including wheat high up on the list. They are not organic and are owned by Kellog's.

We've also done some reorganizing, etc in the cereal aisle. Always a dilemma about whether to arrange shelves alphabetically or by type, ie, all the muesli's, all the raisin brans, all the cheery little o's.

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