Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Soups: we’ve reorganized the soup shelves and added canned soups. New, very low sodium (under 75 mg of sodium/serving) soups are Health Valley organic black bean, lentil and vegetable. New, reduced sodium flavors of Amy’s organic soups are butternut squash, cream of tomato and lentil vegetable. Amy’s fire roasted southwestern vegetable and corn chowder (regular, i.e., high sodium) were also added. Most of these soups are also low in fat.

A 14.1 oz can of Amy’s soup is listed at two servings. One serving of Amy's reduced sodium lentil vegetable soup yields 340 mg of sodium; the whole can 680 mg. Amy’s regular lentil soup contains 590 mg of sodium; a whopping 1180 mg if you eat the entire can, which is likely. Progresso’s minestrone soup comes in a larger can, 19 oz. One serving at 7 oz yields 720 mg of sodium; 14 oz serving = 1440 mg and the entire can = almost 2,000 mg of sodium. So if you are on a salt-restricted diet, Health Valley no salt added soups are the way to go. However, some of the other soups may win on flavor.

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