Friday, May 13, 2005

New in the Freezer

New in the Freezer

It isn’t easy browsing the freezer—new products are difficult to spot. You might have missed some of the most recent additions:

Frozen vegetables: Cascadian organic "petite" whole green beans have been substituted for Cascadian green beans with almonds. I just microwaved a box—they are slender (not exactly haricot verte), but tender and tasty. They come in an 8 oz box, sold on shelf above the bagged vegetables.
Cascadian organic Chinese stir-fry—containing green beans, broccoli, carrots, onions, red pepper, mushrooms and bamboo shoots.
C&W pepper strips—not organic but a colorful mix of red, green and yellow pepper strips ready to throw into a stir fry with no waste. They are a bargain at under $2.00 for a pound.
Alexia organic sweet potato fries—a good way to bump up the nutritional value of the fries and add a little variety.
Cascadian organic peas remain our number one selling frozen vegetable—250 bags per week.

Frozen fruit and juices: Woodstock organic mango—chunks ready to throw in the blender for a smoothie.
Sambazon Acai—frozen juice concentrate with no added sugar and no caffeine. We have also added 16 oz Sambazon Amazon Cherry juice that is being sold out of the dairy case.

Gluten-free frozen:
Ian's Alergen-free Chicken Nuggets
Amy's Garden Lasagna (gluten-free rice pasta)
Amy's Rice Crust Cheese Pizza (gluten-free)
Nature's Hilight Brown Rice Pizza Crust (gluten-free)

Meat-substitutes frozen:
Gardenburger Riblets (BBQ)
Moringstar Farms Breakfast Strips (fake bacon)

South of the Border:
Buenatural Green Chili and Cheese Enchilada
Leona's Organic Corn Tortillas

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