Monday, May 30, 2005

Frozen treats—ice cream….

If you haven’t tried Julie’s organic ice cream—consider doing so. We’ve been selling it at a great price—cheaper than purchasing a single cone in Park Slope. Good flavors too: blackberry, caramel, choc, mint fudge, mocha java, strawberry and vanilla. Julie’s has an organic ice cream sandwich and both vanilla & chocolate ice cream bars. Unfortunately the bars & sandwiches have been out of stock. Let's Do Organics waffle cones have not been available.

Three new flavors of Haagen Dazs light ice cream: cherry truffle, mint chip and vanilla bean. Below is the breakdown of total calories, and grams of fat and sugar per serving—and remember, each pint contains four servings..

Lite vanilla: 7 gm fat
Sugar 26 gm
Cal 200
As compared to regular, full fat delicious Haagen Dazs “classic’ vanilla:
18gm of fat
Sugar 21
Calories: 270.

Also new is Haagen Dazs frozen yogurt:
Coffee: 2.5 gm of fat (pretty good)
Sugar: 20 gm
Calories; 200
Haagen vanilla frozen yogurt with raspberry sorbet.`
2.5 gm fat
24 sugar
170 cal (lowest in calories, but high in sugar)

Nutritional comparison with other vanilla ice creams we sell:
Ben & Jerry’s: 15 gm of fat
Sugar: 19 gm
Calories: 240
Ciao Bella’s gelato: 12 gm of fat
Sugars: 20 gm
Calories; 210
Julie’s organic ice cream: 14 gm of fat
18 gm of sugar
Calories: 220

Stonyfield’s frozen yogurt scores lowest in all categories:
Fat: 0
Sugar: 19 mg
Calories: 100

And if you don’t care about calories, Ben & Jerry’s has a new flavor: Half Baked Twister: vanilla and chocolate ice cream with pieces of chocolate brownies plus chocolate chip cookie dough.
Fat 14 gm
Cal 280
Sugar 26

New delicious Blue Moon sorberts from Vermont:: grapefruit campari, mango passion, peach melba and pear ginger.
0 fat
Sugar; 23 gms (varies slightly)
100 calories.

Palapa frozen fruit bars are replacing some of the Froz fruit bars. These bars are quite substantial with more fruit. Flavors: mango, Mexican papaya, pineapple, strawberry and watermelon. Again, zero fat, around 17 gm of sugar and 100 calories.

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Karen said...

I really miss the Froz Fruit Bars-there was much more of an assortment of flavors. They had alot of fresh fruit, weighed more AND were half the price of the over packaged and overpriced Palapa Bars. Please bring them back!