Thursday, May 19, 2005

lamb is back

Meat update from Jennie, the meat buyer. Lamb from upstate NY--North Country Meat-is back. Cuts include stew, kebobs, lamb steaks, shoulder roast, loin & rib chops, shanks, bone in legs. Jennie says the lamb sausages, both breakfast & sweet are so good. Lamb is delivered on Wednesdays.

Andy’s new organic sausages—very delicious. Flavors include hot, parsley & cheese; sweet, chorizo. They also have a bracciole.

Lakeville poultry. We are in the process of switching from Murray’s to Coleman poultry. Lakeville is comparable in price and quality is deemed to be better. Lakeville is the branded name of Coleman, and soon the name will change to Coleman poultry.

Primo Naturale hard salami without nitrites or nitrates is sold on the display shelves in the back of the store across from the meat cases. It is shelf stable until opened, and is a great choice for those picnics in the park, camping trips and backpacking. There are several flavors, with wine, plain or coated with pepper or herbs.

Dines Farms hot dogs made of beef & pork have that back to the 50’s flavor. Terrific grilled or broiled.

New West buffalo and ostrich meat has changed its packaging and label—they will no longer be boxed as patties. The ground buffalo will be sold in one pound packages under the name Tender Bison.

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