Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Produce Tidbits 5.17.05

From Allen, new this week in the produce department: Local organic greens: organic baby arugula (very zesty), organic baby gai lan, which is also known as Chinese broccoli, organic baby tatsoi, and organic baby hon tsai tai. All very tender and edible raw. Also organic baby mixed lettuces. All of these, except for the arugula, are limited in supply from Amy Hepworth in Hudson Valley.

The first organic sugar baby watermelons arrived this week. A little too
big, too expensive, but excellent flavor and very good sugar. Expect better prices even as soon as Friday, as well as smaller sizes. Organic nectarines will start 5/18. The $2.22 price, is probably excellent for this early in the season, and is only possible because we are selling small-size fruit.

Organic celery returned this week. Shortages still exist, prices are still
high. Celery stalks are small, but have an excellent dark green color right
now (5/17). Hopefully we will continue to have access to not just supply at all, but from a premium quality grower as well.

The organic watercress season is ending in Florida and our local farmer has
lost her entire crop. We are trying a new watercress this week. It is
hydroponically grown and pesticide-free. The quality is outstanding and
flavor has a lot of zing.

We may experience shortages of some product from Florida this week. The truck that carried a great deal of product that we intended to get (grapefruit, oranges, zucchini, yellow squash, etc.) was destroyed with all of its contents in a crash. The driver wasn't injured.

Next week: Local organic asparagus from Hudson Valley and also from close to the Canadian border. Local organic rhubarb, and possibly local organic baby frissee, and local organic field cress.

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