Friday, August 31, 2012

Produce notes from Allen....150 Local Items!

A very busy week as we built inventory and made orders for Labor Day weekend. This left very little time for writing produce notes. So here are a few quick notes.

On Friday morning alone, we received 1,913 cases of produce at a total value of $48,948.

New this week are: 
new crop organic Gala Apples
organic Orange Honeydew (nearly gone)
minimally treated Red Clapp Pears (nearly gone)
organic local bunch Arugula
organic local Baby Bok Choy
organic local Broccoli Rabe
organic local Cardoons
organic local Dandelion
organic local Elephant Garlic
Brazilian conventional Ginger (Hawaiian will be unavailable for two months. We will try Peruvian organic next week)
organic local Mustards
organic local Broccoli
organic local Japanese Turnips
Washington state Sweet Onions (did Vidalia onions really end this time?)
organic local 5 pound bags of White Potatoes (from Hepworth Farms, $2.55 per bag-what a bargain!)
organic local Rhubarb
organic local Delicata Squash

Coming Monday and Tuesday:
new crop organic Bosc Pears
organic local Mizuna
minimally treated Red Bartlett Pears

We also welcome two new local organic small family farms:
Ribbon Road Farm in Sherman NY
Early Morning Farm in Genoa NY

Allen Zimmerman - Produce Buyer - General Coordinator

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