Monday, August 06, 2012

No Knives

Dear Food Processors,

Please do not use knives to cut cheese.

 I know! It seems weird - "I use a knife to cut cheese at home, what's the big dif?"

Well gentle reader, let me tell you - you're cutting (A#1) a much larger chunk of cheese here, (B#2) whatever! Just do as I say. And (C#3) - sorry for that outburst - we want to have as smooth of a chunk as possible to have the least amount of air when the cheese is wrapped.

So, again, please do not use the knives to cut the cheese. You can use them to trim the cheese of mold or bad bits. You can use them to open cellophane wrap. That is all. Use the wire for all cheeses.

In Cooperation,

Just one of the many "crumbles" of Monty's Cheddar I found this morning

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