Friday, August 10, 2012


Diane Sawyer Meets Coop Beef Farmer, on the Teevee

From the e-mail of Peter McDonald, of McDonald Farm, one of our producers of grass-finished beef:

"Hello Everyone,

This past Wednesday was a day like no other.  World News with Diane Sawyer was looking for a farm family to profile on their Lifestyle segment and we were chosen. The shoot was fun, took all day, and left us exhausted but, here are some highlights:
Kids doing all kinds of active chores
Shannon in the garden
Shannon and Rebecca cooking up a wild farm fest feast
The whole family chowing down
Michael cutting and splitting wood
Rebecca, Patrick and Papa playing some music
And interviews with Doctors, Nurses, neighbors and the rest of us.

The big question was whether a farming lifestyle like ours is healthy, and we'll find out when we see the segment. The kids were an absolute riot in their interview.

And Emmy award winning correspondent, Sharyn Alfonsi (what a doll) was a riot, even milking the family cow.

Fun and funny and barring any serious news that could bump the segment, it will be on this Monday, August 13, 6:30 pm ABC Eastern time on World News with Diane Sawyers.


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