Wednesday, August 01, 2012

3 great blues from Rogue Creamery

You can find three great blues from the Pacific Northwest on our shelves. Rogue Creamery, in South Oregon's Rogue River Valley make eight amazing blue cheeses and their certified sustainable whole milk comes from exclusive dairies along the banks of the rugged and scenic Rogue River. We're lucky enough to have three fine examples of those cheeses right now.

 Oregon Blue cheese has been the West Coast’s exemplary, award-winning sustainable, raw cow milk blue cheese.

A natural rinded pasteurized blue set with calf rennet, Flora Nelle is a more robust and piquant blue with subtle hints of blueberry, a paste that is crumbly to cut but creamy on the palette, and a long finish.

 Echo Mountain Blue Cheese is a montage of rich flavors made from a blend of sustainable pasteurized cow and goat’s milk. The flavor is clear, crisp, brilliant and complex in its subtle hint of goat’s milk. 
I think you can taste the cool Oregon Coast in each bite of these exceptional blues!

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