Thursday, September 30, 2010

Larger burritos and new flavors of Aldens

Red's 11 oz burritos are now in the freezer case. Red's burritos got a thumbs up from the hardworking (and hungry) staff. Nutritional info suggests each burrito is two servings--so go find a friend or eat the 600 calories by yourself. Sour cream is the killer ingredient. Four flavors: rice & bean, turkey mole, chicken and steak.

Root beer float and peaches n'cream are Alden's ice cream newest flavors. Their vanilla is our top selling ice cream. It's organic and the price is right. The nutritional profile suggests you go out and get twelve friends to share a 48 oz tub--then there are only 160 calories per half cup. The tag "All Natural" is coming under increasing scrutiny. Organic tapioca syrup is natural--but is it natural that it is in Alden's ice cream?

Ben & Jerry's went further down the slippery additives slope--the Center for Science in the Public Interest didn't think that it was fair that they call their ice cream "All Natural" while containing un-natural ingredients like maltodextrin. The company, which sold out to Unilever long ago, recently agreed to drop the "All Natural" from the front of their containers.

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