Monday, September 20, 2010

Plum tomato sale this week

Amy Hepworth says it is time to bring out the canning jars--she is discounting her plum tomatoes this week. We'll be selling them for $21.78 for a 25 lb case. Which is less than one dollar a pound--a great price for organic, local tomatoes.

We've got the Ball jars--sold above the potatoes in Aisle 1A.

The internet is full of canning How To's and lots of recipes--here's one site. Pasta sauce, salsa, tomato jam. If you are too timid to jump right in, you can get prepared for next year by attending the Brooklyn Skills Share home canning class being offered on October 9. (Along with ice cream making, bike repair, crochet, claw hammer banjo intro ....)

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