Sunday, September 19, 2010

In the news....

  • Park Slope Food Coop in Fortune magazine this week.
  • Joint pain supplements-glucosamine and chondroitin : Do they work? Maybe not according to a recent study reported in the British Journal of Medicine and summarized in the LA Times. Conclusion is that they may have a placebo effect and do not appear to be harmful. Except maybe to your wallet.
  • BPA: Article in NYTimes indicates that despite "extensive" research, whether or not BPA is harmful has not been conclusively proven, and therefore no ban on its use. BPA has been implicated in various maladies, from cancer to childhood obesity. Let's hope it is not as dangerous as some claim, as we all have been extensively exposed to BPA.
  • Less soap, better for your dishwasher and wash machine and the environment Appliance repairman states in NY Times that because newer appliances use much less water and are more efficient, we should significantly reduce the amount of soap we use. Excess soap leaves clothing stiff, clogs dishwashers and wastes your money.

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