Friday, October 07, 2011

Local Farm Update: Flooding Effects

Flying Rabbit Farm:

"We're not totally dry yet, on one side is the Susquehanna River and the other a creek which has rerouted itself into our fields.  We're trying to see if the railroad or DEC can help us correct this, but our crops are sitting in it, mostly the kale.  I'm not sure if there is much we can do right now.  The mature lettuce we had we cannot harvest so we're waiting to see if our last planting will do anything.  This is the second time in eight years we've lost our crops due to flood and it's frustrating; the creeks aren't cleared and no one wants us to touch them*, so we're trying to figure this out.  In the meantime, our season could be over. I'll keep you posted." - Mary

*Farm Services will now help them clear the creek.

Lucky Dog Farm:

 "We are no longer receiving anything from Lucky Dog.  The flood shut them down." 
- Angello's Distributing