Friday, October 21, 2011

Produce notes from Allen.....151 Local Items!!

Local Quince has arrived.  It's high pectin content makes it an ideal addition to jams.  It is not suitable for eating fresh, as it is sour, dry and hard.  On the other hand, it is very fragrant and pectiny.

The Mexican (non-organic) Papaya has been very limited of late.  There have been concerns about salmonella, and the extensive testing and scrutiny has slowed the imports.  We will try the Hawaiian Organic Papaya, which hasn't always ripened properly.  We hope that they will ripen properly this time, even though I've heard that doing something over and over again, and hoping for a different outcome is a definition of insanity.  We do not carry the non-organic Hawaiian papaya, which is both irradiated and genetically modified.
Ribier Grapes (black with seeds) were very popular, but hard to find.  We have ordered 45 cases to arrive next Tuesday.
Persimmons are here.  We have the hachiya, which is ovoid and a bit pointy.  When unripe, the high tannin content is harshly astringent.  There are very sweet and juicy when ripe, which is when they are softer than a baby's cheek, any cheek will do.  The fuyu, which is flattish, does not contain tannin and can be eaten even when it is still hard, but juiciness and sweetness will increase with ripening.
Members often ask if they can eat Gourds.  The answer is no.  I am then asked, "why not?"  I don't eat gourds, I don't eat trees, I don't eat shoes...... I don't know why.
Fresh Chanterelles are under $10 per pound, the lowest price we've seen!
Cheeses Pumpkins, suitable for vegan diets, are so named because their shape resembles a "loaf" of cheese that has been tied in a cheesecloth bundle.  Sweet, meaty flesh, perfect for pumpkin pie.
151 local items