Friday, October 28, 2011

Produce notes from Allen....139 Local Items

Subarashii Kudamono (meaning wonderful fruit) brings us two Asian Pears this week, from Pennsylvania.  One commonly found variety, the Hosui (mild, sweet, crispy, very juicy fruit) is joined by the Asaju (sweet, slightly tart, very crisp, and very juicy.)  I like to peel Asian Pears, particularly the Hosui, but the skin is edible.  Keep refrigerated as they are already ripe.
We have such sexy Potatoes including six kinds of fingerlings, 3 golds, red, blue and russets.  Don't overlook the fantastic deal on White Potatoes, $2.55 for 5 pound bag.  They are good for mashing, frying, baking and....... eating.

We've just about squeaked past Halloween, having endured a year with very few Pumpkins surviving the rain and floods.  Jack-O-Lanterns were not often available in sizes we sought, and the price was somewhat higher.  Now it appears that there may not be a strong enough supply of Pie Pumpkins through Thanksgiving; but we are still hoping to squeak past Thanksgiving too.

Before the season ends, try the Sweet Mini Peppers.  Just pop off the stem and eat the whole thing, seeds included, as they are small and tender. For the record, the real name is "mini sweet"; we'll try to rectify this next season.

The Fingerling Potato varieties currently available are the:  Austrian crescent, French, Ruby Crescent, Russian Banana, Rose Finn, and Ozettes.  I prefer the French ones because they are more oh la la!

The frost is on the Pumpkins.  Upstate farm temperatures dropped into the high 20's Thursday night, and that will have some impact on availability of some crops. (Hint: don't wait too long to buy local Tomatoes.)  If crops manage to survive the next couple of nights, a warming trend may keep our local numbers up.

Look forward to four new Apples from Hepworth Farms next week.  On Tuesday we will be adding Cortland, Cameo, Stayman Winesap, and Ida Red.

139 local items