Friday, September 30, 2011

Produce notes from Allen......140! All Time Record!

Here comes the next great apple- the Snow Sweet, developed at the University of Minnesota, the same Pomologists who gave us the Honeycrisp.  It's a sweet apple, with just a bit of tartness.  Its snow white flesh is very slow to turn brown after cutting.  This makes it an ideal apple to cut into slices for snacking and for salads.  Great for cooking, baking, canning, freezing, for cider, sauce.  It's also really great for eating.

The Macoun apples have started a bit early this year.  It's a great eating apple, also good for apple sauce.  Pronounce it "macown", not macoon.  Most people will think you are weird, but farmers will be impressed.

Many members have expressed a desire for Grapes with seed.  We now have Concord and Niagara Grapes with seeds.  On Monday 10/10 we expect our first Ribier Grapes, a huge long black grape with seeds.  The season for the seeded varieties begins later than the seedless.  The only grape with seeds that we have not been carrying is the Red Globe.  We have been unsuccessful in the past (horribly unsuccessful), keeping the red seedless and the red seeded varieties from being inadvertently mixed.  We have gotten many complaints from people who then inadvertently bought the wrong kind, so we will not be able to carry the Red Globe until everybody promises to be good. 

The Lychee season has probably ended for the year.  I'm trying to trick the Lychees into making me wrong. 

It looks like the Corn season is over.  Now that conventionally grown sweet table Corn could include some product that may be genetically modified, we will not be carrying sweet corn this winter.  If we can find a grower who will guarantee non-GMO product we will carry it, but it may be difficult to find one.

Oyster mushrooms herald the beginning of the fall variety of mushrooms.  Look for other varieties soon, including chanterelles and lobsters.

Amy Hepworth has dropped our cost of Heirloom Tomatoes to $1.50 per pound (from $2.00).  Next week she is cutting our cost per cup of Cherry Tomatoes to $1.50 per cup (from $2.00).  She wants us to eat more Tomatoes and she wants us to eat them faster. 

We have 10 kinds of Winter Squash this week, and will have at least 13 next week.

We have a new PSFC all-time record for local items - 140!

- Allen Zimmerman
  General Coordinator - Produce Buyer