Friday, September 02, 2011

Produce Notes From Allen.......136 Local Items

Local Apples are starting to increase in variety. Ginger Gold, Golden Supreme, and Tydeman apples will be joined by Gala next week. Apples from the southern hemisphere are disappearing or already gone, so this weekend's apple supply at the coop will be tight.

Local Pear varieties added this week are the Devoe and Seckel. The Devoe, with it's classic European look, now fairly well known in the northeast, was actually developed at Hepworth Farms, first bred by Amy Hepworth's father. He appreciated its classic look, and gave it it's French sounding name.

Champagne grapes should end this weekend, and local Concord Grapes begin next Tuesday.

Although Lychees will gap this weekend, we expect more on Tuesday.

North American Mango season now nearly over. The last arrival of the last decent variety out of Mexico, the Kent, does not change color from almost entirely green as it ripens. You can test for ripeness by feel and smell, but color will not help you know.

Donut Peaches have returned. They are a yellow flesh variety, bigger than other donuts. (Bagel peach?)

Planning your Labor Day menu? 3 tons of personal size and small Sugar Baby Watermelons arriving on Monday.

Pea Tendrils have returned with cooler weather, and are very limited.

This same cooler weather has slowed growth of Summer Squashes. The local season has not at all ended, but varieties and quantities are becoming limited.

136 local items, despite the ravages of the hurricane!

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