Friday, September 09, 2011

Flood Updates

(A Non Profit Organic Farmers Co-op
in Lancaster, PA)
"Thanks to everyone for having patience with us in dealing with the weather. Bridges have been washed out and fields have been flooded. Eli from Elm Tree Organics called me Wednesday evening around 1am and said the water in his basement is above his shoulders. A small portion of his field had winter squash bobbing in the water are splitting by the second."

Angello's Produce
"I was re-routed twice just on my way to work (of course I live an hour north of the office)....the streams are wild and wicked up this way too. Westminster (Farm) is all but done except for some roots they were able to salvage, and Markristo (Farm) is out too. Miller's Crossing (Farm) is reassessing currently, and won't have anything available for a while. Soggy.... We've had more massive flooding here in the Hudson Valley this week, so Saturday availability is, well, perhaps a bit lackluster. Taliaferro (Farm) in New Paltz lost 16 of 33 acres. Stoneledge Farm is completely flooded and finished for the year. Lucky Dog (Farm) completely flooded and shut down."

Finger Lakes Organic Growers' Cooperative
"Mary Dolan just informed me that their fields are under water. They
cannot harvest anything for Monday. That means we have no more kale available,and of course, no mesclun.
There must be a lot of farmers out there hurting worse than we are
here on the high lake plain."

Hepworth Farms
could not deliver on Thursday because the highway outside of their farm (NY route 9W) was closed due to massive flooding.

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