Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watch Out! Some new players in the freezer and ice cream case!

Where to begin...

How about Organic Bistro Wild Alaskan Salmon?? With cranberry pilaf and broccoli. yumm....
TV Dinners have never gotten so healthy!

Everyone has been going (lady) gaga over Annie Chuns seaweed snacks, well now you can get your WON-TON fill with Annie Chuns Cilantro and Chicken Wontons, right next to the Ling Lings.

Pizza Pizza! No, it's not Little Caesars... it's Tofurky Cheese Pizza, made with Daiya Cheese!! Sayonara Amy's Rice Crust Pizza (sorry you Amy-Lovers... dont worry, there's still the single serving version).


On a sweeter note,

Get this summer treat (year around really) before Haagen Daz decides to pull it! My favorite of the season, Haagen Daz 5 Lemon has little lemon zest with a delectable creamy taste. Give it a whirl!


Daphne's Baking Company- Chocolate Rasberry and Lemon Tarts

These little delicatessens pack a punch, let me tell you. they come two in a box and can be found in the middle shelf in the ice cream case. They're a perfect little dessert for the new season.

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