Saturday, August 07, 2010

Stone fruits...

This has definitely been the Summer of the Peach. Despite the drought, peaches have been very juicy and sweet. Probably because of the drought--the sugars are concentrated. Nectarines have also been great, and I like plums to take on a hike because they don't wind up smashed in my backpack. My favorite was Burgundy plum, but that harvest is over. I'm switching to pluots (plum/apricot hybrid) and there are 3-4 varieties, in a range of colors. Try them all--find your favorite.

Another interesting new fruit: Bella Cerise apricots--dark red, look more like a nectarine than an apricot. Looking closely, the downy skin is apparent, but it is not as fuzzy as an apricot. They appear to be a plum/apricot hybrid, with more apricot than is typical in pluots.

And everyone has been raving about the blackberries. A fragile fruit with a limited local season--now's the time!

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