Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Wisconsin Cheese

December is shaping up to feature some of the best of the Midwest.

From the Wisconsin Dairy Cooperative comes Dante. Aged at least 6 months and made from pasteurized sheep milk, it is slightly sharp, nutty and almost a bit meaty in flavor.

Dunbarton Blue is an earthy cheddared-blue, open air cured, giving it the feel of an English cheddar, but spiked with the delicate, subtle flavor of a fine blue. Made by Chris Roelli in Southwest Wisconsin.

Marieke Penterman
moved to Thorp, Wisconsin in 2002 from her native Holland. No one makes Gouda live the Dutch. No one. Add to that farmstead fresh milk and unique wooden aging shelves and voila! Real Wisconsin Gouda. We have the one year and Foenegreek varieties currently.

Made with their own homestead milk, Saxon Creamery creates some of the most original, beautiful cheeses available anywhere. And now the Coop has two: Green Fields - a semi-soft washed rind raw cow's milk cheese. And Big Ed's - a young, mild, yet flavorful table cheese.

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