Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All I Need is Just a Little More Time...

So I'm sitting here listening to Jack Wagner's mega-hit "All I Need," which you may remember from the eighties when music was music and blackberries were fruit. His poignant words made me think of all the new products in the freezer and what one might say to themselves in aisle three while shopping. If "All I need..." is a new burrito, then look for the EVOL brand (formerly Phil's) Cilantro Lime Chicken burrito. A new addition added to meet the needs of certain General Coodinator's hunger for new and exciting hand-held vittles. If "All I need..." is a two pound bag of big, wild, frozen shrimp, than head to the meat freezer. We got two different brands of uncooked, shelled and devained shrimp from Mexico which is a responsible choice as far as Seafood Watch is concerned. Take a quick walk to the left if all you need is some new breakfast ideas and check out the free range turkey sausage from Stonewood Farms. Walk to the left and you might find that all you need is some five cheese, whole wheat ravioli from the Ravioli Store. And, if "All I need..." is some new ice cream, than it might actually take "...just a little more time to..." decide because there's a lot going on in there. A few weeks ago a member suggested a honey vanilla ice cream from Haagen Dazs. While I was checking this out online, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was the name clever, but Honey Bee Vanilla supports saving the bees! I'm running out of inspiration. The song is only a few minutes long and I can't write that fast. The other new ice creams include Coconut Bliss pineapple pints and chocolate bars, and the favorite of a certain freezer fan, Haagen Dazs Rocky Road. Ciao.

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