Sunday, December 13, 2009

So much good beer, so little room in the fridge

The Coop is bursting at the seams with some amazing holiday and winter beers. Get them while you can because many had to be special ordered months in advance and when they run out, they're gone for a whole year.

Most all of these holiday gems can be aged to very good effect. Keep them cool and in the dark and they will treat you well in the coming years.

Here are some of the beers that are on the display shelf now:
  • Brasserie De La Senne X-Mas Zinnebir
  • Haandbryggerie Christmas Ale
  • Jenlain Noel
  • Jolly Pumpkin Noel de Calabaza
  • La Choulette Noel
  • Mahr's Christmas Bock
  • Mikkeler Santa's Little Helper
  • Nogne-O Winter
  • Nogne-O Peculiar
  • Nogne-O/Jolly Pumpkin/Stone Holiday Ale
  • St. Bernardus Christmas
Cheers, Anngel

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