Monday, April 06, 2009

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

The coop has tons of sale beer at not merely good, but amazing prices – 50-70% off kind of prices. Look on the front display rack and/or for shelf labels with little yellow dots.

Anderson Valley Winter (it’s not just for January) $0.76
Rogue Chipotle Ale (smokey but not crazy) $0.76
Otter Creek Raspberry Brown (nice) $0.91
Elysian Pumpkin Ale (restrained pumpin, yummy) $1.41
Corsendonk Gift Packs (2x12 oz. beers plus a glass) $8.97
Schneider Weisse (5x16.0 oz. beers plus a glass) $8.83

Bear Republic Racer 5 and Red Rocket were $1.61, now $1.51 and the Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye was $4.74, and is now $3.93. Krusovice was $1.72, now $1.51

Cheers, Anngel

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