Wednesday, April 15, 2009


GF stands for "gluten free." Not only did we get a new gluten free waffle from Kinnikinnik, the freezer finally has doughnuts! These cinnamon sugar doughnuts are also from Kinnikinnik and are also gluten free.

LS stands for "low sodium" which is what Amy's Mattar Paneer meal is. Loaded with all kinds of veggies, Indian cheese (paneer), and exotic spices.

HC stands for "holy cow" which is what some people will exclaim in reaction to the new products.

WTH stands for "what the heck?" which is what some people will say when I tell them that the Henry and Lisa frozen shrimp might have been discontinued. We haven't been able to get them for weeks but our distributor kept on saying "next week." Well, they've changed "next week" to "maybe never again." I'm looking into other enviromentally friendly sources for shrimp.

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