Friday, April 17, 2009

Have you BOBOed?

If you've been hanging around the poultry case lately, you've probably heard the ruckus about Bobo Farm and the amazing chickens they've been providing to the Coop. "The Chinese-American farmer brings these down LIVE from the Hudson Valley to his cousin in Williamsburg, and the Coop gets them the next day!" These fresh magnificent birds come "Buddha-style," with the feet attached, a boon to those who know that feet enrich and add great flavor to soups and stocks.

The Bobo White Feather chicken is a Cornish cross breed, bred for plumpness and lots of breast meat, butchered at a tender 9 weeks, perfect for roasting. The Black Feather is a Silver Barred cross breed with a narrower breast and longer legs and wings: a European-style chicken which lives 12 weeks, yielding a more flavorful meat which responds well to braising and stewing (although it also roasts up nicely). The Bobo Poussin is a baby White Feather....split it and grill it!

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