Friday, August 26, 2011

Produce Notes From Allen .....138 Local Items!

Thai Coconuts will return Monday.

We declare this to be The Week Of The Bean! In addition to Green Beans, we have Cranberry (for shelling), Dragon Tongue , Red Swan, and Yellow. I have heard that beans, beans are good for the heart, and the more you eat...

Blueberries are ending soon. A 1 0r 2 day supply coming Monday.
We may not sell out of Cherries this weekend, but we may not get any more this year.

Non-organic Honeydew are grown by Turlock in California. They are the growers of the "Sycamore" label, which many aficionados consider to be the finest honeydews of the year. The "Sycamore" is actually their Number 2 label. Their premium label, the one that we have now, is "Best of the West", a Honeydew that is so limited that it almost never makes it to the East Coast. Enjoy this rare treat now!

Welcome back the first Asian pears of the season from Hepworth Farm, NY.
If you only try one Pluot this year, try the Dapple Dandy now.
Organic Lemons are so scarce (normal for this time of year) that price will keep rising every week, until strong harvest starts well into the fall. That's why Zeigler is no longer producing organic lemonade; they have no lemons!

An Arugula story that that unfolded in less than 10 minutes last Friday:
Five minutes after I produced last week's notes, which included the following "
We tried local bunched organic arugula, but it is still too hot in NY, and the attempt failed", our farmer, Amy Hepworth called to apologize for not sending bunch Arugula earlier that morning. I told her that I was glad, that I thought it was not good enough anyway. She called back 5 minutes later to say that she checked a different planting and we should try again. I said OK. She called back to say that she had been hit by a massive, brief storm, and the arugula was flattened, completely destroyed in less than 5 minutes. Just a little insight into the experience of a farmer.

Good strong supply of Organic Mints, the return of Tatsoi.

Vidalia Onions may have ended. We'll know more next week.

Hot Pepper Mix keeps coming in prettier and "mixier". Try the little purple one (if you dare).

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