Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It melts. It stretches. It's Daiya.

If you haven't heard about Daiya Vegan Cheese yet, your vegan street cred is seriously in question. Daiya, which contains no casein, no soy, and no common allergens, has literally been sweeping the nation and acquiring a cult-like following for its melt-ability and flavor. It first appeared in restaurants (like our local 'Snice on Fifth Avenue) a couple years ago in vegan sandwiches and pizzas, then in vegan retail products (vegan cheese pizza, anyone?), and now -- finally -- in retail packs. The Coop has actually had it available for a few months already in the cheese case (Kevin has been enjoying "quesa-daiyas", grilled cheese sandwhiches, etc.). The newly available product is an 8 oz. bag of shreds. Ready for your vegan cheesy melting pleasure. Look for it at the Coop in the Milk/Juice/Non-Dairy Case, all the way to the right with the other non-dairy cheeses.

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