Friday, April 02, 2010

Capriole Goat Cheese

So . . .we've carried Capriole Goat Cheese for about the last 3 months with little fanfare. But we need to let you know how special these cheeses are.

We have two Capriole cheeses on the shelf right now and will get more as they become available.

O'Banon is an Indiana version of a French Favorite. Hand-ladled and then wrapped in chestnut leaves soaked in Woodford Reserve Bourbon, O'Banon is lighter than it's French counterpart and fresher tasting. O'Banon is creamy and dense with a unique flavor that leaves a crisp bite on the palate.

Sofia is a dense and supremely tangy chevre that is beautifully marbled with ash. The soft gray whorls and undulations of vegetable ash make slices of this dense cheese a stunning addition to a cheese plate.

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