Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three new cheeses from Valley Shepherd.

Let's give a warm welcome to Valley Shepherd, a creamery located in Long Valley, NJ in the heart of Morris County. The 600 East Friesan ewes graze on over 120 acres of wild pasture and the cheeses are aged in caverns built directly into the hillside. The result is cheese worth eating.

Valley Thunder is raw mixed milk cheese (cow and sheep milk) hand milled in a process similar to traditional Cheddars. Crumbly but smooth - cave-caged a minimum of 9 months.

Oldwick Shepherd - is a raw sheep milk cheese in the Ossau-Iraty style - semi-firm and smooth with a nutty flavor. Cave-aged a minimum of 3 months.

Nettlesome - another mixed raw milk cheese with stinging nettle leaves. Smooth texture and chive-like flavor and aroma.

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