Tuesday, June 23, 2009

more new frozen stuff.

Sometimes I feel it's best to start a meal with dessert. That way it can not be withheld should I decide to leave some or all of my vegetables untouched. It is for this reason that I begin this post by telling you all about the new ice cream. I was able to add a bunch of new products to this freezer because Ben or Jerry (I'm not sure who's really in charge over there) decided to get rid of their organic line.

Haagen Daz has come out with a new line called "5". It is called "5" because that's how many ingredients are used. I started simple with Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee.

If your not into lactose and you've had your fill of rice, soy, or coconut ice cream, hemp might be worth investigating. Living Harvest has been making hemp milk for a while and has decided to give ice cream a shot. We currently have Coffee Biscotti and Coconut Lime.

<--This lady Gaga is back. Not this Lady Gaga.-->
Gaga's Lemon Sherbetter took off for a while cause there were some problems getting it. Then we got it buy accident one day and I remembered how great it was. Eric, one of the produce guys, actually went gaga over this stuff and had to take a couple days off.

Enough with dessert. A coop member has teemed up with Blue Ribbon to make Naked Nuggets. Naked Nuggets are gluten free, grilled chicken nuggets.

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