Thursday, June 11, 2009

West River Creamery

So, I'm starting a new program. Bringing in a new cheese producer each month (or as I remember) and highlighting all the cheeses they have to offer.

This month I'm featuring West River Creamery in Londonderry, Vermont.

I've brought in five cheeses from them:
Cambridge Classic - A traditional clothbound version of English style farmhouse Cheddar. Aged for a minimum of one year to develop full complex cheddar flavors.
Londonderry Classic - English style farmhouse Cheshire. Dry in texture, peachy in color. Mild and lightly salty when
young. Mature cheese acquire more piquancy with age.
Middletown Tomme - A brushed natural rind cheese. The texture is firm and smooth. Savory, complex with grassy undertones.
Three Mountain - A washed rind cheese. Semi-soft, bold and smooth, velvety, finishing with a salty tang. Aged for 60-80 days.
Equinox - Oil rubbed with a deep orange colored rind. Texture is hard and smooth. Flavor is complex with a strong herbal undertones.

Try all 5!

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