Sunday, February 08, 2009

Weekend snacking

Zapp's Cajun Dill Tater Chips & New Zealand's Favorite Licorice

Speaking as an snacker, not a grocery buyer this time, there are two salty, sweet treats dangling above our heads.

Kevin is starting a flirtation with the Zapp's Kettle Chip people in Louisiana. First in, the Cajun Dill flavor, which packs a little picante along with the pickley good
ness. We found them above the meat freezer, although they may move. From their site:
"Back in th
e age before computers ruled the world, great potato chips were cooked in kettles, a batch at a time. Zapp's is unique, continuing in this traditional method of slow cooking our thick cut potato slices in a cholesterol free peanut oil blend for maximum crunchiness and flavor. Then we season them with our great spices that make your mouth say 'It's Mardi Gras Time!'"

RJ's Natural Licorice, seen here in Raspberry. The package says it's New Zealand's Favourite Licorice, and we have no information to the contrary. The shape is peculiar, but the flavor is great if you love licorice ropes. (I love licorice ropes.) Intriguingly colored by elederberry and black carrot juice, and flavored with actual raspberry juice, it's vegan, preservative-free, and family run. Located hanging at the end of Aisle Seven.

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