Thursday, February 05, 2009

Transport yourself to the sunny Mediterranean (or maybe Canada) with these delicious yogurt delights

Expanding our local selection with another 2 great flavors from those Canadians at Liberte

Liberte's New Coconut and Lemon Mediterranean Yogurt

If you think it's cold here in Brooklyn, think about how cold it is in Quebec?!?

Imagine the yogurt makers up there at Liberte sitting in their creamery one cold day chewing on some hay, milking their cows when they said "Goodness I could use a holiday! Somewhere warm, with beaches and coconuts. I miss those lazy summer dog days, evenings with lemonade on the porch..."

That's all it took. Mediterranean-style, like the Greek isles crossed with sandy white palm tree beaches of the tropics. "I've got it! Coconut flavored Mediterranean style yogurt. Take me away!"

Or maybe thoughts were closer to home. "Say, I miss those warm summer evenings, fresh squeezed lemonade on the portch. What should I make for that picnic? Hmmm... Lemon Meringue Pie!"

Eureka! That's all it took.

Liberte recently announced 2 new flavors to their already stellar lineup of Mediterranean-style yogurt - Coconut and Lemon. We want 'em. I know we do. Heck, yesterday I brought the Coconut upstairs and put it on the shelf for the first time. 15 minutes and BLAM-O. Over half a case was gone, disappeared into the neverending pit, that fantasy shopping cart that holds everything you'd ever want to eat...delicious.

Think coconut cream pie. Think lemon meringue pie. Think BREAKFAST just got a whole lot better. In the yogurt case now! (Unless it already sold out! I'll try to keep up with demand.)

UPDATE: Today, Friday the 6th, we were shorted both the Coconut and the Lemon yogurts from our Supplier. OH NO! We should get many more cases on Monday though. Sorry if you missed out, but once we get it in stock, it should never leave again...except in your belly.

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