Sunday, February 01, 2009


Helen's Kitchen frozen entrees are here! After staring at the freezer for quite a while, I realized I had a bit of room for some more frozen dinners. While perusing the UNFI catalog, I came across Helen's Kitchen. Besides the fact that Helen offers organic, GMO free, and in some cases gluten free vegetarian meals, the package was nice and I had a great aunt Helen who was a wonderful lady (she wasn't much of a cook though and we usually just ate Chinese take-out). I started with the Thai Red Curry with brown basmati and tofu chicken and the Cheese Enchiladas with tofu steaks in Spicy Red Sauce. Both are gluten free.

Also, in an ongoing struggle to meet the hand-held meal needs of Kevin and Janet, two new burritos have found their way into the freezer. Kevin has been begging for Amy's Southwest Burrito (filled with all kinds of peppers, corn masa, and Monterey Jack cheese) and I try to keep him happy cause he needs some meat on his bones. Janet overheard Kevin's request and chimed in with a suggestion for a new breakfast burrito so I picked up Phil's Breakfast Burrito with Green Chili.

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