Friday, October 12, 2007

PSFC Local Produce Update for 10/12, 2007

Here's what's new and local this week from local organic farms:


Kiwi berries-the no fuzz, no peel cousin of the traditional kiwi. Pop them in your mouth and eat them like grapes.

Loose spinach has returned from the Finger Lakes, and most of the bunched spinach is from the Catskills.

Brussels sprouts on stalks have begun. We have found some worms in the early harvest, so we might have a gap in availability.

White and orange cauliflower are now available from Hepworth Farms and Finger Lakes Organic Growers Cooperative. To the members who wonder how can cauliflower be orange, I say how can cauliflower be white?

Amy Hepworth has harvested the last of her sour gherkins, a tiny cucumber about the size of a grape tomato.

Lima beans and okra have returned for perhaps a last hurrah from Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop.

Limited supplies of various local sweet potatoes have arrived. Most of them are the beauregard variety. Jewel is the California word for beauregard.

Winter squash making their first appearance of the season:
Hubbard (red, blue or green)
Red kuri (AKA orange hokkaido)
Sweet dumpling and carnival (both in the acorn family)
Sweet mama (variety of buttercup, but it often doesn't have a cup!)
Black futsu (a perfect squash for all of your black futsu needs)

News from the minimally treated apple orchards of Amy Hepworth:

Cortland and Spartan are ending. Empire and Mutsu (New York state calls them crispins) arrived this week, and Jonagold and Stayman Winesap begin next week.

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