Friday, October 12, 2007

PSFC Globe-Traveling Produce Update for 10/12/07

Here's what's new from around the world and around the globe. And please don't yell at me about the food miles; these are some concessions for the sake of variety and adventurousness

Local cherry and grape tomatoes are winding down, so we have added Lady Moon grape tomatoes, and Del Cabo sugarplum tomatoes.

Organic asparagus from Argentina

Rambutan from Guatemala. (Think gorgeous, hairy, expensive lychee). Eats like a lychee

Black Mission figs and North American blueberries are ending. Organic Fair Trade blueberries may start soon.

Organic hachiya persimmons are slowly starting. They are the kind that must be ripened until marshmallow soft.

Organic pomegranates

Organic pluots, the flavor fall and the flavor gem arrived this week. Many members decided that the flavor gem, a pluot that is a cross between an apricot and a black plum, was really a plum. It is not, it's a pluot. Looks like a plum, but it's a pluot. Really, it's a pluot.

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