Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Please bring your reusable shopping bags

Today the Washington Post has a terrific chart on the environmental cost of paper and plastic shopping bags. -Click here to see the chart-

The chart details the costs of production of these bags. Very interesting--paper leaves a much bigger footprint than plastic, and you already know about the havoc plastic bags create in the environment. But please read the fascinating and colorful chart, and you'll never forget to bring your string bag, Chico bag or Trader Joe's bag with you when you shop.

I personally enjoy seeing the wide variety of bags members bring to the coop. Some members are still using bags we sold many years ago but are no longer being manufactured. When I see a great bag I frequently ask the shopper where they got it and often it is from a supermarket in Europe. So we have to catch up! At the Coop we are working on improving our shopping bag selection.

And thanks to the very many Coop members who do bring their own bags. I'm sure none of you are among the 70% of Americans who do not know that plastic bags are made of petroleum (re the Post).

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