Friday, June 10, 2005

Water Filters & Beverages on the move

Water Filters have been moved from the household Aisle 4A to Aisle 2A, next to the bottled water. We hope that this will encourage you to use a water filter rather than filling up the landfills with many plastic containers of water.
We dropped the 16oz Poland Springs 6 packs of water & added Keeper Springs 16 oz.
In order to make room for the water filters, Jenna and Matt reorganized the juices and soy drinks in Aisles 2A & 3B. Martinelli has joined the other tall sparkling juices across from the beer. Condensed milk & Crisco migrated to the baking section in Aisle 2A for a week but are now back in Aisle 3. And don’t believe Yuri when he says that we’ll keep moving them every week so no one will ever know where they are.

All the regular sodas are now in Aisle 3A. I am trying out some sparkling juice/sodas—Switch, to possibly replace Blue Sky sodas. Also new--Boylan sodas on front endcap, in response to member request. Let me know what you think of these products.

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