Friday, June 10, 2005

Bulk and spices

Frontier asafoetida powder and organic bac'uns bits are being sold in jars on top of the spice area. Asafoetida is frequently called for in Indian receipes--a little goes a long way.
Organic crystallized ginger has replaced the conventional candied ginger we had been selling in the bulk spice area. The organic is less expensive and is loved by all the ginger people.
organic deglet noor dates, organic jumbo thompson raisins and apple juice-sweetened cranberries are available in packages, hanging above the packaged dried fruit.
Hunza apricots are finally available. They are small, but buyer be aware--they have a big pit!
almond price went up again--there is a severe shortage. There was a large crop failure in Europe last fall, which greatly raised the price of California almonds.
Raw peanuts are not available due to the hurricane that destroyed the Georgia crop last year. China had a good supply of peanuts, but they have been purchased by the large peanut butter manufacturers.

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